GoRuck Heavy Memorial Day- Naperville, IL

GoRuck Heavy Memorial Day- Naperville, IL

About 13 participants came to this event and said they wanted to complete the HTB. Cadre had them put their money where their mouth is in the hat to represent some stakes of quitting.

It made me think about my own journey finishing what was called an HTL (or HCL) at the time.

It was a great time shadowing this event. I wish could have shadowed the entire thing if I had the time. Doing an event like this is inspiring to see the people here doing something that is bigger than themselves. The camaraderie you see built by people who were strangers the day before makes you realize how quickly people can build trust with one another.

Reflections On Completing The GoRuck HTL
Lately, I’ve been reflecting on some of the reasons why I do some of the endurance events that I do. It all started with doing GoRuck events. About 5 years ago, I completed the GoRuck HCL. For those of you that don’t know what it is, I’ll

Pre-Event Photos

In The Gym

After showing off their gear, the team set course to the gym for some good old PT. Everyone looked sharp for this and looked ready for challenges ahead.

Nighttime Shots

After a little drizzle, the team rucked to a trail for their mission. While the place where we set up camp was near a house that looked like it was where The Conjuring was filmed, no one showed signs of fear.

The team was quickly able to recover the parts in the field as a part of their mission and built their apparatus.

The link below has about 400+ photos linked to it. Any Ruckers from the event that have difficulties downloading the photos, feel free to DM me on any of the social media platforms linked below.

Shared Photos - Google Drive