Being relentless isn't about waking up at 4:00am everyday, destroying yourself at the gym, and working 12-16 hours on repeat.

Being relentless is about developing our lives in a way that is fulfilling to us. The keyword is fulfilling.

Fulfillment isn't always doing what is pleasurable. Often, the most fulfilling things in our lives are not the things that we enjoy to do the most in the present.

Persistence pays off.

After spending almost years and decades living a life where I wasn't feeling fulfilled. I finally found it. My goal is to help others live their best lives and through doing that, I have improved myself along the way.

Finding your passion isn't an easy thing. Sometimes we like the idea of a passion more than the passion itself. My goal is to help others get through that and be relentless at striving towards it.

Life isn't easy. If it was, then we would all be living our best lives and our society would have far less problems.

How do you find your goal? How do you get there?

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