Become Relentless: 6 Ways To Unlock Your Hidden Potential

Become Relentless: 6 Ways To Unlock Your Hidden Potential
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A challenge is something we can overcome. A struggle is something we want to eliminate or ignore.

What is the definition of being relentless? For me, the concept of being relentless involves maintaining consistency regardless of the level of difficulty. When you possess this characteristic, you derive strength from persevering through adversity. In the face of challenges, you persist until you have vanquished them.

Most people that self-appoint themselves as being relentless, aren’t relentless. They’re people that talk about it but never do it.

Let’s be honest, all of us have challenges with consistency. These are some ways that I have found where you can become relentless in your life.

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Gaining Strength Through Challenges

Challenges are inevitable in life. I used the word challenge instead of struggle because we shouldn’t look at difficulties as struggles. They’re only challenges to overcome.

A challenge is something we can overcome.

A struggle is something we want to eliminate or ignore.

When you’re relentless, you look at challenges as a means to get better. It doesn’t matter that there is someone else competing for that promotion at work. You’ll double down and beat them outright. People who aren’t relentless will throw in the towel or try to drag other people down. That’s a reflection of their insecurities. When you’re relentless, you ignore the noise and prove everyone wrong.

Most of the challenges we experience in life are you versus you. Those inner challenges can be the toughest ones to win because you have no one else but you to cheer you on. No one else will know your challenge as well as you do.

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Harness Your Inner Dark Side:

Anger, envy, jealousy, selfishness, fear, or any other emotion that we would deem negative are powerful ones. Instead of boxing out these emotions, understand them first. Many of them are there for a reason.

If you were completely selfless, you would get taken advantage of easily. If you never get angry, you might be a doormat. Jealousy can wake you up to know what you want in life.

These emotions can go into a dark place. There are people who let their anger get the best of them by lashing out at people. Some people allow jealousy to ruin relationships. Suppressing these emotions is not an exit door from them. It’s human to have them.

To first harness your inner dark side, you have to learn to wield these emotions. You need to understand why you have them. Some people may need therapy to figure out why they have them. Some people can figure it out through journaling. Whatever your method is, open yourself up to them.

I’m not saying that you should become a monster who uses this to manipulate people. Understanding how to tame your inner monster is critical.

When you harness your inner dark side, you might be able to unlock some things that you never knew you had.

Maybe it will help you overcome a fear of being angry about it. Perhaps that anger can be used as the catalyst to overcoming your fear.

You Keep Going Until Every Option Is Exhausted

One of the core pieces of being relentless is never giving up. Ask yourself, “At what point would you give up on something?”

Mine was when I was attempting to run a 100-mile ultra marathon and got to mile 63. It was 1:00 am, I was low on water and some aid stations for the event were closing up as I was barely under the cut-off time. I had the opportunity to quit the race. I took the exit.

The reason I gave up was the unknown. I didn’t know if any of the aid stations would be open. I didn’t know where I would be able to get water. It was a tough call to make, but I wasn’t willing to risk my health or potentially life for the event.

It might sound extreme to think about risking my life for the event, but you never know what could happen. Getting rhabdomyolysis in the middle of nowhere could happen. Getting severely dehydrated can happen.

I wasn’t willing to risk it, so I called the race.

When you’re being relentless, the point of giving up should be about that point. There’s a difference between being tough and stupid. Being tough is pushing yourself beyond points that most people couldn’t fathom. Being stupid is putting your life and long-term health at risk. Many of us have people who love us and depend on us. It would be a shame to put a burden on them by doing something stupid.

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The Present Moment Is The Most Important Thing In The World

Being present is something that fits into every part of life. When you learn how to be present, you understand what is and what isn’t in your control.

Perhaps you have a 9–5 job that has started to suffer because you’re obsessed with checking your phone. Even if the rationalization is that you’re doing something productive for your personal life, remember, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Things that take us out of the present moment come in pretty packages. It’s the algorithm that is perfectly curated to every topic that you enjoy watching, listening or reading about. It’s designed to pull you out of that moment.

When you’re relentless, nothing can take you out of that moment. Even if you are doing something that you do not like to do. You know that having the discipline to do the things that matter, even if you hate doing them, will get you far.

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You Face Your Fears

Being relentless isn’t about being fearless, it’s about being courageous. Courage is standing up for what you know is right, even if it’s hard. Courage is accepting rejection and the pain of it but knowing that the pain you feel is because you were striving towards something meaningful to you.

Facing your fears is a challenge. Understand why you have a fear. Most of the fears we face in our lives are out of self-preservation. In the past, our fears of self-preservation were literally out of self-preservation. Now our fears are out of self-preservation of the image that we project onto ourselves.

You fear getting rejected because if you get rejected that will damage the possibility of you being accepted.

It’s easier to live in “Potentialville” than to face your fears.

Being relentless is about striving to hit the point of failure, so you see there is no reason to fear it. If you don’t reach your point of failure, you won’t know where your opportunities are to grow.

You Love The Process of Getting Better At Everything You Do

There’s been a lot of advice thrown out there, with people saying to “follow your passion.”

Passion is found when you engage in something that is meaningful to you. Following your passion doesn’t mean only doing the things you enjoy.

You find your passion in the process of getting better. Taking action on the things you love doing and doing the tasks that you may not enjoy, but you know it gets you to the place you want to be.

I enjoy running. I do not enjoy training runs that are longer than an hour. Honestly, I hate it. I intend to do more ultra marathons, which are obviously going to be way more than an hour of running. The first thought that comes to my mind is what I could be doing with an extra couple of hours in my day if I didn’t do this long run. An hour of running won’t cut it for training, so I have to do what’s necessary and run for 2–3 hours at least 1 day a week to get my proper training in.

Eventually, I have grown to enjoy the process of getting better. The longer runs have started to become a little easier than they used to. My pace has become faster. Slowly, I started to enjoy the process of getting better.


Being relentless isn’t about any one of these things alone. It’s about putting it all together. Maybe you have a rage inside you that you’ve suppressed for a while that is ready to get channeled in the right way. Perhaps you unlocked what it means to be in the present moment.

Being relentless is about being consistent in all these things. It will take work, but the result will be something that you are proud of.