A Gear Guide For A Spartan Super

A Gear Guide For A Spartan Super
Photo by Hendrik Morkel on Unsplash

Have you done a Spartan Sprint and are ready to level up to do a Spartan Super now? Or maybe you want to dive in and do a Super? Knowing what to bring can be daunting. This gear list is almost going to be identical to my post on the gear for the Spartan Sprint. It will just have a few more things added to it.

Trail running shoes: Trail running shoes with good treads it probably the most important thing you could get for a race like this. It will be muddy. It might be hilly depending on your geography. If you show up in basketball shoes as I did, you will slip and potentially have your shoe come off. Spartan has a brand of trail running shoes now but honestly, most trail running shoes will do the job.

When getting trail running shoes, do not get gortex ones. Your foot will get submerged in water and water will still get in but will not be able to get out. Trust me on this one. I have done dozens of fitness events where my feet have been submerged in water and the one time I wore gortex, I felt like my foot had been in a bathtub for 5 hours.

3/4 inch leggings or shorts: Weather dependent. Dress heavier if it's cold. Having something that will cover your knees will help them from getting beat up when doing low crawls. Wear something that is tight to the body and will wick water very well.

Tight shirt: This isn't an event to wear a baggy cotton tee. If you do, you will feel like you're carrying 10 lbs of mud at the end of the race.

Running Belt: If you don't want to leave your phone in your drop bag, bring a running belt. Even though most phones are waterproof today, I would recommend covering it with something. Also bringing a running belt will help you carry the next item which is one that not a lot of people talk about. Salomon has an excellent running belt because you can fit a soft hydration flask in it.

Liquid Chalk: This item might be the greatest hack you could have for this race. If this is your first race, I suspect you're not going to do one of the early elite heats. That means, that the obstacles and terrain will be beaten up, wet, and muddy. Your grip will be key to completing these obstacles. It won't matter how strong your grip is, when you grab onto a wet rope or ring, you will slip.

Photo by Luke Baum on Unsplash

What You Don't 'Need' For The Spartan Super:

Hydration Pack: A Spartan Super is about 8–10 miles. However, with these races there are usually hydration stations/aid stations where you can get water if needed.

Post Race Gear:

Change of clothes and shoes: Bring a spare change of clothes and shoes to feel refreshed after the race. You will be able to hose down and "shower".

Bag for your clothes: This is just to keep your car clean and mud free.

2–3 Large Towels: You never know how muddy you're still going to be going into your car. It might be nice to have a towel to put onto your car seat to keep it clean.

Shower Wipes: Even though you will be hosed down. It feels good to wipe yourself down with something a little more than water and a bar of soap.

Jug of water: Many of the Spartan races are usually a decent drive from the cities they say they're in.

Food: If you don't want to buy any food at the race, bring some food with you.


Obstacle course races are a lot of fun. You can come unprepared as I did and still make it through the race. You might have to do a ton of burpees but the event is full of people who want to challenge themselves in a new way. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now!