3 Subtle Ways You Give Away Your Power

3 Subtle Ways You Give Away Your Power
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Don’t let others live rent-free in your head.

Do you feel like you have no control over your life?

Like you let others dictate how you are going to feel each day?

There are a lot of places in our lives where we give away our power. Moments where we let others live rent-free in our heads.

We often focus so hard on what is going on around us each day that we neglect what is going on within us. We think thoughts are meaningless. We think that there’s no difference between being angry about something for 10 seconds vs 10 minutes.

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You Let A 10 Second Interaction Ruin Your Day

Have you ever been in line at a coffee shop and someone working there was rude to you? While everyone has probably had a few bad experiences in the service industry, this doesn’t mean that you should let that person ruin your entire day.

Sometimes, that person could be having a bad day. A 10-second interaction shouldn’t become a judgment of an entire person’s character.

Sure, there are some levels of manners that people should follow but you can’t expect the world around you to conform to how you want to perceive it.

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All Feedback Feels Personal

If you have ever worked a 9–5 job, you have certainly received feedback of some sort. The feedback feels like it’s horrible. It’s something that you avoid and you go out of your way to make sure that you avoid getting any feedback.

This is a sign that you take feedback too personally. Feedback is something that you should seek out. It’s the only way that you will be able to get better.

If you get feedback, that also doesn’t mean it has to be valid. Feedback is someone’s perspective of something that you do.

Humans need each other’s feedback.

How often do you look at someone’s life and objectively know exactly what they should do but for them, it seems hard?

Be proactive about getting feedback. If you come off as someone who is okay with getting feedback, then it is more likely that others will offer it to you.

You Resent Others

Do you look at someone with something that you don’t have and feel jealous?

“How the f did that person get that?” You might think.

Resentment builds up in your life. You wish that you had what that person had but this doesn’t mean that their life is perfect. Most people try to present themselves as perfect all the time.

Maybe you’re in a relationship and you always go along with whatever your significant other wants to do.

You may perceive yourself as the easygoing person who just “goes with the flow” but often this can create built-up resentment. The deeper you get into a relationship with someone acting this way, the worse off you are going to be.

Never give your power away to others.

Why would you want someone to live in your head rent-free?

There’s no need to turn people into villains in your life when they are not.

Understand the difference between making compromises and giving away your power. Communication is important here. If you go through life and people do not know what you want, then they will be on the assumption that you are on board.

If you bulldoze throughout life and force others to do only what you want to because you’re sick of “giving away your power” you will tarnish relationships with people.