3 Reasons Blaming Everything Will Ruin Your Life

3 Reasons Blaming Everything Will Ruin Your Life
Photo by Bradley Prentice / Unsplash
β€œWise people seek solutions; The ignorant only cast blame.” - Tao Te Ching 79

We live in a society that loves to cast blame at every possible corner.

We blame the 1%. We blame the patriarchy. We blame our lousy boss for not liking us. We blame our parents.

Blaming has sunk so far into our culture that if we try to be the person who doesn't cast blame, we end up hurting ourselves in the workplace. It can be truly disgusting when you are in a work environment and you see people getting away with everything because they always have a scapegoat. Then the day comes when they take responsibility, and you know they only did that as a calculated decision to make themselves look "humble."

People who place blame on everything are a detriment to finding solutions. The only solution that comes from casting blame is putting pressure on the people you are blaming.

You Ignore The Big Picture

There are many actions we take today that have unintended consequences, and we often say that hindsight is 20/20.

Blaming everything and everyone fails to consider the big picture. The solutions proposed are often just band-aids instead of real solutions.

It's like ordering takeout when you have plenty of healthier food at home.

It's like skipping the gym because "missing one day doesn't matter."

Then, years later, when you're out of shape and your health has declined, you blame it on "life being crazy."

Even in a work environment, what does blaming accomplish? It only adds stress to your coworkers, and the usual solution is a short-term fix until the same problem arises again a few months later.

You’ll Lack Responsibility For Your Own Life

Do you want to always be a victim? Of course, there are people who are legitimate victims out there, but do you want to have the mindset of a victim?

We only control a small percentage of our lives. We are not in control of:

  • Who our parents are.
  • What school we went to.
  • Where we grew up or what country we were born in.
  • Our name given to us at birth.
  • Limited in the choice of who our friends are.
  • We have a natural limit on our athletic capability.
  • If we have any birth defects.

The list could go on and on with all the variables that we are not in control of in our lives. The truth is, we are not in control of the majority of our lives. However, the small percentage of our lives that we are in control of can make a huge difference.

On a long enough timescale, the slightest turn can send you to a place that you never imagined. Are you going to let yourself drift with the current or try to steer into something better?

You Will Push Others Away

Who wants to be around someone that blames others for everything? We've all had that friend who is in the dating world and says, "guys/girls suck."

They take zero time to reflect on the possibility that they might be the problem. Maybe they need to watch out for red flags from people.

No one wants to be around a person who has been in the same job for 5 years and still talks about how much their boss sucks.

People pick up on these things when you talk about them. If people see you as someone who constantly complains and blames others, then subconsciously they will know it's only a matter of time before the tables turn on them.

Take Aways

Blaming everything may feel like an easy way out, but it ultimately puts unnecessary pressure on others and can prevent us from seeing the bigger picture.

When we take responsibility for our lives and avoid the blame game, we open ourselves up to a world of possibilities and can find real solutions to our problems.

Shifting our mindset away from blaming and towards seeking solutions can not only improve our individual lives, but also our relationships with others.

By recognizing our own agency and power to effect change, we become more empowered to take action and create positive change in the world around us.

Taking responsibility for our lives and seeking solutions is a powerful tool for unlocking our full potential and pursuing a better life. So let us all make a commitment to move away from blame and towards empowerment, and work together towards a brighter future.